Aboard Elsie, the Herreshoff Ketch

Peter Jensen

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Pilates Instructor
Designer and Sometimes Builder of Fine Furniture

I've spent years starting or running several companies, or parts of a larger company, all the while creating and building award-winning online businesses and web tools. Now, I've stepped back from the corporate world, and I'm in a wonderful and creative phase in my life.

Pilates keeps me in great shape and I get to be creative in my dream woodshop.  I've recently completed a timber-frame barn on our farm in Vermont.

I love gorgeous airplanes and boats - like the 57' Herreshoff ketch Elsie, pictured above and below, off the Carolina coast. And, my real love is my wife Terry who seems more amazing every day.

This is a personal site which I update *very* infrequently. I've posted photographs from a few of the trips I've taken, from passions like flying and sailing and, time permittting, I'll post more of the shots from the mid-60's to early 70's of the major rock and folk acts I photographed. See a couple more using the menu below:

FLYING AND AIRCRAFT- some very cool planes

ROCK AND FOLKS ACTS FROM THE '60'S - I'll put up more when I have the time to scan all those negatives!

GUATAMALA - An amazing country!

SAILING AND BOATS - Lots more coming soon, but there's a nice picture at the bottom of this page...

A brief Bio:

Designed and managed the building of the web's leading allergy portal, Pollen.com.

Developed the Web promotion for Microsoft's launch of Internet Explorer 4.0 - an event that won the Gold Medal from the American Marketing Association. At that time, this was the biggest event on the Web; nearly 30 million people visited this promotion during its two month run and, for the first time, Internet Explorer moved ahead of Netscape. Don't hold me responsible for all that followed! 

Many years of previous digital media and online experience with clients including Microsoft, Pfizer, Schering, Aventis, MSN, Yahoo!, Lycos, the NFL Superbowl, Ford Credit, and dozens of others.

In the late 70's into the early 80's I made some of the very first all-digital music recordings for many of the major record labels: RCA, CBS, Warners, Vanguard and several others. Several albums received Grammy nominations, and one - Rush's phenomenal iconic "Moving Pictures" from 1981 - went quadruple Platinum. In this early period of the adoption of digital recording technologies, I co-founded the first all-digital music recording company in the world in 1978. Recorded the Metropolitan Opera and numerous other renowned groups, artists and ensembles. I still keep ProTools at home.

One of my lifelong passions has been woodworking, and now I have my dream woodshop; all I need is the time!

Lastly, I'm a certified Pilates Instructor, and I don't think I've ever enjoyed anything more. I LOVE Pilates! I get to work with amazing people, and be part of a life-changing activity;try it!

Aboard the lovely 57' Herreshof ketch Elsie, off the South Carolina coast, 2004.

A few hours later this lovely calm was a very distant memory...

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